Demo papers included in the proceedings and Demo at the conference:

  • "SmartLink: a Web-based editor and search environment for Linked Services" - S. Dietze, H. Yu, C. Pedrinaci, D. Liu and J. Domingue
  • "ViziQuer: a Tool to Explore and Query SPARQL Endpoints" - M. Zviedris and G. Barzdins
  • "EasyApp: Goal-driven Service Flow Generator with Semantic Web Service Technologies" - Y. Park, Y. Jung, H. Yoo, H. Bae and H. Kim
  • "Who's Who – A Linked Data Visualisation Tool for Mobile Environments" - A. Cano, A. Dadzie and M. Hartmann
  • " OntosFeeder - a Versatile Semantic Context Provider for Web Content Authoring" - A. Klebeck, S. Hellmann, C. Ehrlich and S. Auer
  • "wayOU -- Linked Data-Based Social Location Tracking in a Large, Distributed Organisation" - M. D'Aquin, F. Zablith and E. Motta
  • "SeaFish: A Game for Collaborative and Visual Image Annotation and Interlinking" - S. Thaler, K. Siorpaes, D. Mear, E. Simperl and C. Goodman
  • "The Planetary System: Executable Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Papers" - C. Lange, M. Kohlhase, C. David, D. Ginev, A. Kohlhase, B. Matican, S. Mirea and V. Zholudev
  • "Semantic Annotation of Images on Flickr" - P. Andrews, S. Kanshin, J. Pane and I. Zaihrayeu
  • "FedX: A Federation Layer for Distributed Query Processing on Linked Open Data" - A. Schwarte, P. Haase, K. Hose, R. Schenkel and M. Schmidt

Demo at the conference:

  • "A Hidden Markov Model Approach to Keyword-based Search over Structured Data Sources" - S. Bergamaschi, F. Guerra, S. Rota and Y. Velegrakis
  • "ASPARAGUS - a system for automatic SPARQL query results aggregation using semantics" - A. Lawrynowicz, J. Potoniec, L. Konieczny, M. Madziar, A. Nowak and K. Pawlak
  • "Contract Negotiation among Semantic Web Agents using Workflow Policies: an E-Commerce Use Case" - K. Kravari, G. Kastori and N. Bassiliades
  • "seekda! Enriched Services: A Tool for Semantic Service Annotation" - C. Blank, N. Steinmetz and J. Scicluna
  • "Knowledge is just a click away: Semantic Query Answering in DSpace" - D. Koutsomitropoulos, R. Borillo Domenech, G. Solomou, A. Kalou, and T. Papatheodorou